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Released October 19, 2010 · consists of 15 releases.

Take the fight to evil Russian robots using a rocket-powered self-adapting battlesuit in this innovative third-person shooter from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

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· January 07, 2023

The Need for Speed

Vanquish by PlatinumGames is unapologetically a video game with a capital V. This speedy action-heavy third person shooter spits in the face of traditional “pop and shot” shooters popularized by Gears of War. The game trades off meticulous character development and sensible storytelling with an ove...
· August 08, 2013

I developed hand tremors after playing Vanquish. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

Vanquish is Gears of War, but fast. It’s a chrome-armored cover-based third-person shooter, but instead of roadie running you fly around on your knees propelled by a jetpack.After each session of playing Vanquish I felt like I was having heart palpitations. I felt like a kid buzzing after binging on candy and cartoons. I have never done yoga before – I tried it for the first time after playing three straight hours of Vanquish. With my eyes closed and my breath slowed, I saw images of robots expl...
· March 23, 2013

High Octane Brilliance

Platinum Games are a developer with a knack for creating games that are outlandish, mesmerising, and unique, and Vanquish is no exception. The game has you don a space-age DARPA battle suit and take on the role of Sam Gideon, an elite soldier fighting the robot military of an evil Russia, who has devastated San Francisco using an enormous space laser. Wrap your head around that and you’ll get a feel for the general tone that the game is trying to set, not just in its narrative, but also in its v...
· November 20, 2012


The basic story of Vanquish revolves around the Earth becoming overpopulated and mankind is pushed to the brink of primitive wars in response to natural resources becoming scarce. America develops a space colony called SC-01 Providence. A faction in Russia called The Order of the Russian Star siege power in their homeland and launch a surprise attack on the American space colony. They destroy San Francisco with their new weapon of mass destruction and threaten to destroy New York City if America...

· August 16, 2012

A good action game, but one that came out about 4 years too late

In short, Vanquish is the Japanese take on the Unreal-powered, gray, cover-based, space marine shooter genre. It is so loaded with today’s overused clichés that it is almost amusing. It also throws some specifically Japanese touches in there, like a marathon opening cut scene, a score summary at the end of each mission, Metal Gear style dialog boxes, and the occasional short skirt with a low camera angle. Despite having so much that you have seen before, however, Vanquish manages to have its own...
· July 30, 2012

Platinum delivers another home run in over the top action

Here we have an example of a game that probably flew under a lot of radars. I only heard a little bit about it personally but the review was enough for me to try it out. Quite frankly, Vanquish is a pretty good game. Created by Platinum Games of Bayonetta fame, you will definitely enjoy your time with this futuristic shooter.The shooting is pretty standard. There really isn't anything that stands out in either the good or bad category. Adequate would sum it up nicely. There was the...
· June 19, 2012

Dripping with 90's Japanese Game Design

Popping this game into my console I have to say I was taken aback by what I initially found. This game has so much 1990's game design flair in it you would think that you were lost in a time warp. When you first load up the main screen you are greeted with some techno music, a robot voice saying "Vanquish" and a rolling screen with glowing text. I felt like I was loading up F-Zero or some other futuristic racer.The Japanese game design doesn't stop there though. Everything from the character des...
· January 30, 2012

Vanquish Review

With the recent announcement of Platinum games being put in charge of Metal Gear Rising I thought it was high time we took a look at Vanquish again.So the most important thing for a third person shooter is of course gameplay.Vanquish is fast and frenetic throwing wave after wave of robot’s in the path of your bullet time assisted… well… bullets. It’s immediately engaging and provided enough of a difficulty curve that kept the game interesting in fact one of its best features is its challenge and...
· September 03, 2011

Pretty Damn Badass

While putting together my review for Vanquish, I came across a bit of a conundrum – I couldn’t find an adequate word to describe Platinum’s Game latest masterpiece. A word so simple it could sum up the whole game in less than ten syllables. A word that could encapsulate everything about my experiences playing this little masterpiece. So I settled for this: Vanquish is… pretty badass. From the moment you fire off your first boost glide, Vanquish overloads your senses from every direction...
· August 30, 2011

Sliding it Home.

Although it was out just over a year ago I hadn’t really given it a fair chance. I tossed it aside, rather hastily I might add. While Vanquish sat neglected on a shelf I plunged countless hours in to Reach and the many other high profile titles that were released around that time.I don’t know where to start Vanquish is an all over great game. It has been slandered due to it’s length like many other games these days. But what it lacks in length it makes up for in game play. An innovative styled c...
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Specific release details

Vanquish (Digital)
Vanquish (Digital)
Platform Xbox One
Region United States
Developer PlatinumGames
Publisher Sega
Release date N/A
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Company code None
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
Resolutions N/A
Sound Systems N/A
Single player Features N/A
Multi player Features N/A
Widescreen Support Yes
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