Mazer YirGame


Released July 31, 1995

An overhead run-and-gun game for 3DO hardware, tasking a bio-enhanced human rebel with infiltrating alien bases and rescuing human captives.


First release date July 31, 1995
Platform 3DO , Arcade
Developer American Laser Games, Inc.
Publisher Panasonic Interactive Media , American Laser Games, Inc.
Genre Action , Shooter
Theme Sci-Fi


Mazer is a sci-fi isometric-perspective run-and-gun game developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using 3DO-based ALG CD-ROM hardware) in North America in 1995. It was later ported to the 3DO on July 31, 1995.

Set in Earth after the invasion of a vicious alien race (known in the home version as the Semag-Resal from the Nacirema system, yes that is American Laser Games backwards), players control one of several bio-enhanced human rebels as they infiltrate the aliens' military bases to rescue human captives and destroy their leading robot.

It uses a mix of pre-rendered 3D and digitized actors.


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