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Released March 11, 2016 · consists of 16 releases.

The sixth game in IO Interactive's stealth murder franchise, simply titled Hitman, adopts an episodic design which continually introduces new assassination contracts for players to undertake.

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· September 06, 2022 ·

Hitman review by thanh.tienvu1996

· September 03, 2022

Target Neutralized

HITMAN Review (Xbox One) HITMAN is a return to form for the series' roots, whilst keeping what made Hitman: Absolution fun to play - and adding necessary tweaks to make for the perfect experience in this international contract-killing series. Here is my review on IO Interactive's soft reboot to the...
· December 10, 2020

Save Scum and See The World

Oh No! I’ve found a game that preys on my perfectionism. Branching paths have been a part of my media consumption since my youth. Choose your own adventure books like The Cave of Time by Edward Packard were big in the Scholastic Book Sales program. Turn to page 17 if you choose this route or turn to page 37 if you’d rather do the alternative. There are probably mountains of books that are partially read at my parent’s house There’s so much to see here but the achievement...
· November 21, 2017

Slow burning, often hilarious, murder sandbox

When I first purchased the game after Giant Bomb's GOTY discussions and played the tutorial and Paris map, I was moderately impressed. The game seemed fun enough, with neat challenges and a variety of ways to achieve them, but it didn't hold my attention long. I returned a while later to try to master the maps in advance of the Elusive Targets returning - as I unlocked better gear and new starting locations the maps began to really open up, with numerous funny bits of dialogue and environmental...

· August 08, 2017

A good entry in the series albeit lightly flawed

First and foremost let me mention that I don't like the release module used for this game, I don't think that a Hitman game should be released in an episodic format especially considering that it breaks immersion and pacing, and also that the consumer would be paying for an unfinished product is something that I personally tend to not support. As a result I refused to purchase the game until it was complete and I would only purchase it during a very reasonable sale, with all of this out of the ...
· May 13, 2017

The best Hitman game to date.

Hitman feels important to me when it comes to my hobby of playing games, (Hitman: Codename 47 was one of my favorite games growing up, alongside Half-Life, The Longest Journey and KotOR) and speaking as a Hitman fan this game feels like "the Hitman game I always wanted", especially with the missteps the franchise has taken along the way.Those missteps were good enough games, but they were bad Hitman games. And the best part is that it feels like the developers, IO Interactive, feel the same way....
· April 22, 2017

Hitman: Use Everything as a weapon!

Hitman is a 3rd person action game developed by IO Interactive and Published by Square Enix. It puts you in the shoes of Agent 47 for the Sixth time. You play through 7 contracts each with multiple objectives and many ways to achieve the objectives. Using everything from a your bare hands to a Sniper Riffle to a Samari Sword to use as a weapon it gives you many different ways to complete your task.Hitman is was released episodic throughout 2016 and now is being released on disc as “Hitman...
· January 28, 2017

Season one of ‘Hitman’ breathes new life into a faltering franchise

For a long time, I would have described myself as a wayward Hitman fan. However, after finishing the first season of “Hitman” I could not be more excited for the future of the killer franchise.“Hitman” has the player globetrotting to various exotic locations including Italy, Bangkok and Japan. In these different locations, the player is tasked with taking out one or more targets and rewarded for doing it in the stealthiest of ways.My issue with previous “Hitman&rdqu...
· January 14, 2017

A game that fooled the world

I can see it now, thousands of ‘em surrounding me, screaming and scratching at the pile of cars, on top of which I stand, alone in my truth. Their noises join to form a homogeneous hum that praises the newest Hitman game but I will continue to stand here, bravely screaming that they are all WRONG. Someone has to be the voice of reason and that burden is on me.Firstly, this game is still filled with game-breaking bugs, months after its release. The last target in a mission was a woman who g...
· August 28, 2016

This game started a bit rocky, but...

It started a bit messy on the technical side of things (PC specifically, but consoles as well from what I heard), and still isn't perfect, but it's a REALLY FUN game!The episodic nature fits it better than any episodic game ever has achieved, that I can think of. The numerous challenges are great and keep me coming back to do everything I can in each level and unlock all the cool gear and options. I think the Elusive Targets are a fantastic idea and they're extra fun overall, but it was a big ...

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Specific release details

Hitman: The Complete First Season (Steelbook Edition)
Hitman: The Complete First Season (Steelbook Edition)
Platform Xbox One
Region United Kingdom
Developer IO Interactive
Publisher Square Enix
Release date N/A
Product code None
Company code None
Rating PEGI: 18+
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
Resolutions 1080p 1080i 720p
Sound Systems N/A
Single player Features N/A
Multi player Features N/A
Widescreen Support Yes
Notes N/A

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