GXB Interactive YirGame

GXB Interactive

Founded date October 17,2005

North American video game developer with an emphasis on educational software.

GXB Interactive

Company Name GXB Interactive
Street Address
City Claremont
State CA
Country United States
Website http://www.gxbi.net/gxb/index.php
Contact email [email protected]
Phone number
Date founded Mon Oct 17 00:00:00 UTC 2005

GXB Interactive

GXB Interactive Corporation is a video game developer established on October 17, 2005 and was stationed in Claremont, CA. Their goal is to create interactive educational tools for children for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance and DS. Their motto was "Better Games, Better Grades".

During their active run, players of their games could have registered an online account on the company's website. If players earned enough points and recorded it on their website account, they could have received merchandise as a reward. Players could also obtain supplementary study aids that could be printed out and completed. Their Nintendo games were only published in North America.

Plans to develop games for SAT Test preparation, art, ESL and foreign language studies were planned and are advertised in their video game manuals. These projects were canceled.

Their latest project is an app called Arosica MusicMaster on Google play, the latest revival of their company in nearly a decade.