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Xefros Tritoh

One of Hiveswap's playable characters. A downtrodden but kind troll with weak psychic powers, who befriends Joey after she arrives on Alternia.

Character Name Xefros Tritoh
Gender Male
First Appearance Hiveswap: Act 1

Xefros Tritoh is a burgundy-blooded troll, and a temporarily playable protagonist. He is a keen beatboxer and arena stickball player, though sadly resigned to his likely future as a butler, due to his blood class. He is also a member of Dammek's rebel group.

Hiveswap: Act 1

Xefros is contacted by Joey upon her arrival on Alternia, though he initially thinks she is actually Dammek speaking in code to test him. Once both he and Joey realise the truth of the situation, he sets out to help her escape Dammek's hive. Unfortunately, he is soon buried in rubble as the Alternian empress's drones begin to bomb his entire neighbourhood, forcing Joey to escape by herself, and then come to rescue Xefros, with the help of Dammek's lusus. They set off together to find one of Xefros' friends and fellow rebels, as Xefros notices the empress's ship looming behind them.