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Superintendent Chalmers

The superintendent of Springfield's Elementary School district.

Character Name Superintendent Chalmers
Gender Male
First Appearance The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield

Superintendent Gary Chalmers was born in Utica, New York City. He attended and studied Ball State University in Indiana, USA where he got a degree by becoming a School District by becoming Superintendent.

Chalmers first appeared in Season 4 Whacking Day where he takes a tour around Springfield Elementary School where he becomes Principal Seymour Skinner's frinedly boss as Chalmers shows a little tolerance towards Skinner when he becomes the victim of Bart's pranks . Like Skinner, Chalmers also dislikes Bart Simpson due to his menacing behaviour, he is very short-tempered at times towards Skinner whenever he is trouble controlling those kids , running the school council and often yells at him due his catchphrase: SKINNERRRRRR!

As Chalmers and Skinner are on good terms, he used to date Skinner's mother Agnes since he's now widowed from his deceased wife he had Rosemary Chalmers and he has a daughter named Shauna.

First Appearance: Whacking Day

Voiced By: Hank Azaria