Shaw YirGame


A firefighter from Lungmen's Fire Department who speaks faster than she thinks. She has incorporated her firefighting techniques into her combat style.

Character Name Shaw
Gender Female
First Appearance Arknights

Shaw is a Specialist character who can be placed on any open space on the map, either ground or elevated. She only can attack enemies in melee range, but her Skills allow her to push enemies away, either into pits and off buildings (instantly killing them) or into the path of other allies.


  • At 135 cm tall, Shaw is currently the second shortest playable character in Arknights after both Myrtle and Durin (tied at 131 cm). However, this is not reflected on her sprite in game, where everyone's height is portrayed as similar.
  • Shaw's speech is usually subtitled/translated to have few or no spaces, reflecting her introverted and fast-talking nature.
  • Despite being from Lungmen, Shaw is a very Western name, leading to unconfirmed speculation that her name was localized from Xiao (萧 / 蕭).