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Mickey McFinnigan

The Town's Irish Drunk and Peter's Biological Father.

Character Name Mickey McFinnigan
Gender Male
First Appearance Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Mickey McFinnigan made his appearance in Peter's Two Dads that lives in Ireland when he becomes everyone's favorite Town's Drunk at Wifey McBeaty's Taven as Peter discovers that Mickey is his biological father that he had an affair with Peter's Mom Thelma before he was born before being raised by his selfish Catholic step-father Francis and he has a pet sheep named O'Brian.

Both Peter and Mickey both challenged into beer drinking contest as one of them gets drunk, Peter became the victor and Mickey accepts Peter by becoming a real father to Peter as he would no longer be in the bloodline to his step-father Francis.

He and Peter get into spirit of the song of 'My Drunken Irish Dad'

He is voiced by: Seth MacFarlane.