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Maude Flanders

Formerly a wife to Ned Flanders and the mother of Rod and Todd, now deceased and resting in peace in heaven with God.

Character Name Maude Flanders
Gender Female
First Appearance The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield


Maude is the wife of Ned and mother of Rod and ToddFlanders who makes her first appearance in Dead Putting Society.

Like her husband Ned, Maude is a sweet and carefree housewife to Ned and mother to her two sons Rod and Todd as she learned herself by becoming a good devoted Christian who once attended Bible Camp to be more judgemental and mature with her family and she is also a good neighbour to The SimpsonFamily.

In her last appearance Alone Again, Natura-Diddly, Maude was accidently killed off the Race Track by those T-Shirt Cannons at the Springfield Speedway as Ned and the boys are getting into depression as Maude is finally now deceased and resting in peace with God in Heaven.

Maude appeared as a ghost in Treehouse of House XIII as The Simpsons and Ned Flanders summoned her and aggressively tells them three terrifying and appears in The Simpsons: Tapped Out Game. (Ghost Only) and originally appeared as human in Virtual Springfield.

Maude made cameo appearances in episodes like Dangerous Curves as she and her husband Ned get into a relationship with a young couple Homer and Marge. In Fland Canyon The Simpsons and The Flanders' have a distasterous trip to The Fland Canyon.

In the Season 29 Finale Flanders' Ladder, Maude appeared as ghost as she allies with Bart Simpson wanting to get revenge the man who killed her off in last episode Alone Again, Natura-Diddly and that ignorant man is Homer Simpson, Maude wants Bart to kill his father as it's just a dream then being at his nightmare.