Matier YirGame


Matier is the leader of the demon hunting clan on the island of Vie de Marli.

Character Name Matier
Gender Female
First Appearance Devil May Cry 2

Matier's clan protects the peasants in the island city of Vie de Marli. As a young woman she fought alongside the legendary Dark Knight Sparda there, when he famously sacrificed himself to send Argosax the Chaos into a portal to the underworld, traping himself inside along with it. After the rise of Arius' Uroboros Corporation, Matier trained Lucia as a demon hunter. When she learned that Arius planned to summon Argosax, she instructed Lucia to seek out Sparda's son, Dante, to help stop him.

Dante eventually ended up having to make the same sacrifice to save the people of Vie de Marli from Argosax. Many years later after reemerging from the underworld, Dante returned to speak with Matier. Dante also reunited with Lucia to help their clan defeat a demon named Balrog, which he took as a weapon in his battle against Urizen in Red Grave City shortly thereafter.