Lion YirGame


A French military doctor with a bastard son back home he tries to support. He uses a special drone that can mark any enemies that move while active.

Character Name Lion
Gender Male
Birthday 08/29/1985
First Appearance Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Lion is one of the few Operators in Rainbow Six Siege who has a universal ability that affects an entire team at once. Upon activation, his UAV drone scans the map and reveals through walls the location of enemy players who are moving to his entire team for a few seconds.

Upon his release in Year 3 Season 1, Lion was incredibly disruptive to the meta of Siege. Attacking teams were able to force defenders to freeze in place, lest they be revealed by the drone, which in turn enhanced the already powerful rushing strategy for the attackers. In response, Ubisoft nerfed his ability and eventually reworked him for Year 4.