Kumiko YirGame


A Young Japanese Girl who is a Anime Manga Fan, she was Comic Book Guy's girlfriemd and now is happily married to him.

Character Name Kumiko
Gender Female
First Appearance The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Personal Life:

Kumiko Nakamura was born in Osaka, Japan to her parents Yutaka and Michiko Nakamura and makes her first appearance in Married to the Blob.

She moved and imigrated to USA Springfield as she was touring around America's saddest towns and cities as she entered the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop and met Jeff Albertson aka Comic Book Guy for the first time as she is a fan of Anime Manga Fan.

The two of them started off a relationship in this episode as they both dated by going out for dinner to Chuck Dukewagon's All American Chow Lounge where Comic Book Guy can't help but insult the restuarant and Kumiko gives him the blessing before the two fall in love.

By the time then, Kumiko and Comic Book Guy got married at his Comic Book store where Stan Lee became his best man at his wedding and now Kumiko becomes a Manga Artist helps out Comic Book Guy to run the store and become his second in command.