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Jude Harley

One of Hiveswap's playable characters, and Joey's sister. A paranoid conspiracy theorist, he supports Joey from the safety of his treehouse.

Character Name Jude Harley
Gender Male
First Appearance Hiveswap: Act 1

Jude Harley is the younger sister of Joey Claire, and a temporarily playable protagonist. He lives with his sister in Half-Harley Manor, though he spends more time in his treehouse, where he keeps his pet pigeons, The Lone Gunbirds, as well as his research on paranormal creatures and conspiracy theories.

Hiveswap: Act 1

When Joey and Jude are attacked by monsters, he flees into his treehouse, from where he is soon able to contact Joey via walkie-talkie. In this manner, he guides her through the manor in order to retrieve the attic key. He also enlists the Lone Gunbirds to deliver part of a crucial puzzle to Joey, and distracts some monsters with his flare gun, giving Joey time to lock herself in the attic. The walkie-talkie signal soon starts to break up, with Jude's last words to his sister being a warning not to go near the portal in the attic. However, this warning went unheeded, and Jude soon witnesses Joey being beamed up to somewhere the sky, and someone else apparently making the reverse journey.