Alexandra YirGame


The player controlled protagonist of Night School Studios' Oxenfree. A rebellious teenage girl who has a knack for being witty and sarcastic in conversations with her friends.

Character Name Alexandra
Gender Female
First Appearance Oxenfree


A resident of the town Camena, Oregon. Alex is a young 17 year old girl, with auburn coloured hair though since losing her brother in a tragic accident she has been acting out a rebellious phase and dyed it blue. While the player largely determines Alex' overall disposition, she does generally respond to people with some slight sarcasm. If she's being negative to her peers, she'll be a lot more serious. Although, even if you are playing her as someone who treats her friends poorly she is generally outgoing and very excitable at the most innocent things (like solving mysteries).

She takes an annual trip to Edwards Island with her friend Ren and new step-brother Jonas, alongside other acquiantances like her late brother's girlfriend Clarissa and her friend Nona. A typical drinking trip that also serves as a way to ease the relationship between Alex and her new stepbrother, according to Ren anyway. While on the island, Alex unwillingly releases ghosts trapped behind some kind of veil, using her mobile radio, which kicks the events of the game into motion-