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  1. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Trailer Shows Off New Zealot: Preacher Class

    3 hours ago · Game news

    "Justice plays no favorites, nor do I."

  2. Horizon Zero Dawn Remake Apparently In The Works

    3 hours ago · Game news

    As well as a multiplayer title, reportedly.

  3. Amazon Stats Shows 569 Million Hours Logged In New World's First Year

    5 hours ago · Game news

    Over 200 million of those hours were streamed on Twitch.

  4. Midnight Club Remaster Hinted At By Musician's Instagram Claim

    6 hours ago · Game news

    Rockstar remains silent

  5. Suda51 Is Open To A Future No More Heroes Sequel

    7 hours ago · Game news

    Goichi Suda hints at the possibility of No More Heroes 4.

  6. PlayStation Stars May Have A Hidden Fifth Tier

    7 hours ago · Game news

    Diamond Tier is allegedly invite-only

  7. Core Members Of Disco Elysium Have "Involuntarily" Left ZA/UM

    10 hours ago · Game news

    "People and ideas are meant to be eternal; organizations may well be temporary."

  8. New Transformers Game For 2023 Teased At Hasbro Pulse Con

    11 hours ago · Game news

    The game will be based on the upcoming TV series, Transformers: Earthspark

  9. Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock All Characters

    12 hours ago · Game guide

    The requirements for unlocking characters (including the secret characters) in Vampire Survivors can be very obscure. Here's a complete guide.

  10. Fortnite's Fortnitmares Will Return Later This Month

    14 hours ago · Game news

    Festival of horror returns!


  1. Star Wars: Chewbacca Recreates His Most Violent Deleted Scene

    7 hours ago · Comic news

    Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #6 shows the Wookie committing a violent act teased in A New Hope (1977) and deleted from The Force Awakens (2015).

  2. Marvel’s First Gay Spider-Man's Love Interest Is a Gender-Swapped Hero

    8 hours ago · Comic news

    Web-Weaver, Marvel's latest, gay Spider-Man variant, is revealed to have a reciprocated attraction to a gender-swapped web-slinger on his Earth.

  3. Superman Has Temporarily Adopted Two Children

    10 hours ago · Comic news

    After returning from his liberation of Warworld, Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane adopt two children to live with them in Action Comics #1047.

  4. Marvel Formally Introduces the Ant-Man of the Future

    11 hours ago · Comic news

    The final issue of writer Al Ewing and artist Tom Reilly's Ant-Man miniseries formally introduces readers to the Ant-Man of the 26th century.

  5. Marvel Assembles the Spider-Verse’s Greatest Heroes for Slott and Bagley’s New Spider-Man Series

    22 hours ago · Comic news

    A preview for Spider-Man #1 sees some of the Spider-Verse's greatest heroes assembling to take on a new threat.

  6. Superman and Nightwing Just Held the First-Ever Super-Seance

    Oct 01, 2022 · Comic news

    In a Dark Crisis tie-in, Nightwing and Jon Kent are two of several heroes to hold a seance to understand what is going on with the Great Darkness.

  7. The Joker Just Committed One of His Most Disgusting Crimes Ever

    Oct 01, 2022 · Comic news

    To kick off his new series, The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, the Clown Prince of Crime serves up a gruesome and disturbing crime.

  8. Superman: Action Comics Just Changed the DC Universe's Solar System

    Oct 01, 2022 · Comic news

    Superman's latest journey has altered the Milky Way galaxy as it appears in the DC Universe with a massive new satellite orbiting Earth.

  9. Harley Quinn Has Adopted an Adorable, Talking Pet Alien

    Oct 01, 2022 · Comic news

    After meeting in Las Vegas, Harley Quinn gains a new pet from Outer space. In Harley Quinn #22, readers are introduced to Parry the Parasitic Alien.

  10. Dark Crisis: Black Adam Owes His Life to [SPOILER]

    Oct 01, 2022 · Comic news

    In the fifth chapter of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Black Adam is saved from Deathstroke's enslaved villains with the help of four DC heroes.

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Marauders is a multiplayer space pirate game.

Aye Captain!

Aye Captain!

Aye Captain! is a tactical pirate game similar to FTL.

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle

Pastagames and Microids bring back the legendary ball-and-bat brick-breaker game.

Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual

A supernatural co-op survival FPS game.

Rose and Locket

Rose and Locket

A side-scrolling action-adventure game following retired outlaw Rose as she travels to the realm of the Underwest to save the spirit of her daughter.

Stranded: Alien Dawn

Stranded: Alien Dawn

A survival simulator set on an alien world.



Cracked is an unforgiving 2D platforming game where players have to overcome increasingly difficult levels in varying environments.

Witchy Life Story

Witchy Life Story

A simulation game about being a troublesome witch.



A top-down action stealth game.



A retro styled RPG from Pixel Heart Studios and Soedesco.